Janine Closs

“The best of the party is preparing for it”

I grew up with these words said by my mom, who is an excellent hostess.

Daughter of an artisan, a partying father and a grandmother who was an elegant decorator; from an early age I was surrounded by beauty. This inspired me to did the first University of Visual Design in Brazil.

After an executive career spanning over 17 years in management in Commercial and Marketing departments, I decided to say “I do” to my true vocation: join people to celebrate! Then, I joined in a graduate in Event Planning, where I met my business partner.

We created the Due B Wedding Concierge, a company based in Sao Paolo / Brazil specializes to hold luxury events and weddings around the world, especially in the lovely Italy.

So, after 5 years in Brazil, I elected Florida as new operation for my personal project: the creation of a Wedding Planning company focuses in pulling together the expertise of performing luxury events in different sceneries with the vision and professionalism brought from Brazilian parties – one of the world's most respected bridal industry.

My goal: Make people happy.

My reward: feed me up of the best energy that people emanate when they are happy

Let´s Celebrate!

"This work and all the dreams that are part of it, are offered to my most precious angel in heaven: my daughter Dhara. My Princess, my inspiration!"

Fleur de Lis

The “Fleur de Lis” is present from early in my life: it was the first jewel gifted by my grandmother, is the Scouting symbol whose organization I participated for more than 10 years, and it is the symbol of the city of Florence – Italy, where was held the first wedding.

Furthermore, the “Fleur de Lis” meaning and beauty always pay my attention.

Associated at the French Monarchy, and several other origins even more remote, this three petals have the triad of convergent meanings to my values, such as light, purity, peace of mind, the spiritual rising over the material, the union between man and the Divine.

Chosen the J.Closs logo, I dare attribute my own meanings to three pillars that have always guided my work:



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